Safe Worship Rules—


(1)- Church arrival time on Sundays will be 10:20-10:40am- Door will be unlocked at 10:20. Door will be  locked at 10:40am.  So, get to church on time before 10:40am. For Bible Study church arrival time is between 6:45 and & 7:05.
(2)- Do not open entrance door.  This is the job of the door opener. Wait if you don’t see a door opener. Door opener should open the door for you when you are leaving also.  Wait for he/she if not there yet.
(3)- Do not touch anything coming into sanctuary. Please sit only where bulletin has been placed or ask the usher for assigned seating.  Remember  this seat for future visits.  This will be your permanent seat. If you have a family member that wants to sit close to you, that is fine.  A bulletin will be given to them before the service.
(4)- We ask that you save all conversation for a part of the service called “Sharing,Joys,Concerns and Testimonies”
Notice this in the bulletin after opening hymns.
(5)- Hand sanitizer and disposable gloves are available on the Welcome table .  Gloves can be disposed of in trash under welcome table. Hand sanitizer may be applied to gloves if you prefer to continue wearing gloves. Free masks are also available.
(6)- We ask that you either take bulletin home with you or recycle in the crate on the welcome table.
(7)- We ask that you place your tithes and offerings in the offering plate on the altar rail/post before or after the service.
(9)- Maintain Social Distancing. Stay as far away as possible, at least 6-8 feet.
(10)-It is okay to use the Hymnals and Bibles in front of you. Your spot will be completely sanitized before the next service.  And this is your seat.  No one else should be using it.
(11)- Face Masks are recommended for the safety of others along with social distancing.
(12)- It is a good idea to take your  temperature if feeling different  symptoms than usual  before coming to church. Please do not come if your temperature is over 98.6 or if you have a cough.


Thank you for following these rules.  Without them we could not come together to worship God.